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Principal Desk

We feel immence pleasure to say that our institution whose foundation was liad last year with an aim to impart quality education has completed one year of its existence and we feel proud to say that within a year we have come off with flying colours as the institution is accelerating towards academic pinnacle.

Education is an essential tool for the integral development of individuals. Illiteracy and ignorance cause people to live under slavery and oppression. These are evils that deprive the people of their true freedom and dignity. Thus, education is considered as a powerful agent of transformation not only of the individual, but also of the society. We have also taken an oath to transform the whole scenario and bring a radical change through education in the district which needs no recognition now in the field of education. In the present day scenario, school education has assumed different dimensions. It not only caters to the physical and mental growth of a student but the emotional, spiritual and aesthetic dimensions as well. But the quality of humanity, perseverance and strength of characters are scarcely seen in the fast world of today. The reason is that we human beings sem to have left behind moral values and human qualities. The ultimate goal of education should be 'says Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru "to build a person of character and values and not an educated tyrant." So, we all need to step forward to inculcate moral values and human qualities in our students to make them capable to reach the zenith of success in their life.

Apart from academics, we try to instil courage and confidence in our students so that they surge froward with unswerving determination and rear through every obstacle on their way to ultimately win the battle of life. We also feel proud and at the same time elated to have such versatile teaching staff who were always ready to extend their fullest co-opreation and rendering their best services.

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