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1- Students are to maintain a high standard of good manners and general behaviour.
2- They should be polite and well behaved in the school compound and outside also for elders and teachers with honesty      and truthfulness, at all times and places.
3- Absolute silence must be observed during the assembly and in the classrooms, even in absence of teachers.
4- The monitors assume full responsibility for maintenance of order and discipline in the classes, a duty which they must      fulfil sincerely and impartially in absence of teachers.
5- Students must not walk about in the verandah and around the classrooms during the class hours.
6- Students should not write, carve and scratch on the school walls or deface the school furniture.
7- All students must possess a copy of the school diary which must be brought to school daily.
8- Students are advised not to bring any valuable thing to school. They should not keep money with them.
9- Books, comics, newspapers, pictures, periodicals, transistors, mobile phones or instruments which are not pertaining      to their daily work, should not be brought in the school campus.
10- The article whatever found in the school campus should be handed over to the office.
11- Students are not allowed to throw waste stuffs, paper rags in the classroom or any other place in the campus. These        thing should be thrown in the dustbin only.
12- Students will not leave the school campus on any account during the school hours without permission of the Principal.

Principal's Desk

Ravinesh Srivastava

We feel immence pleasure and at the same time elated to start this institution that has been established to provide quality education among growing children so that they could manage their career themselves in different fields and could face the challenges in this global world. We also feel proud to have such veersatile teaching staffs who are always ready to extend their fullest co-operation and have taken an oath to make this institution reach upto its zenith.

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