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Management Body

Late Pt. Surya Narayan Chaturvedi, a simple and dynamic person, is a multifaceted personality with a sharp mind and a visionary trait. He has everything that a person could crave for name, fame and wealth. But he is , in a way of restless soul The chief sourse of his restlessness is his observation that many of the children in our society, either wither away in want of proper education or led astray because of the defects in its system.

Moved by his feelings and by drawing inspiration from him Dr. Uday Pratap Narayan Chaturvedi & Mrs. Savita Chaturvedi, who are the persons of wide experiences in the educational field and are aware of every aspect of it, took a vow to devote themselves to the cause of education.

Gathering around themselves few other like minded and similarly energized persons such as Digvijay Naraayan Chaturvedi aliad Jay Chaubey. They founded Surya International Academy. The School is governed by Surya Prabandh Samiti with an aim to cover the maximum number of children who miss proper education either because of shortage of space in the existing big school or because of their inability to bear to the expenses.

Principal's Desk

Ravinesh Srivastava

We feel immence pleasure and at the same time elated to start this institution that has been established to provide quality education among growing children so that they could manage their career themselves in different fields and could face the challenges in this global world. We also feel proud to have such veersatile teaching staffs who are always ready to extend their fullest co-operation and have taken an oath to make this institution reach upto its zenith.

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