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School at a Glance

This immaculately conceived, meticulously designed and vibrant academy is situated at the southern part of Khalilabad, is very convenient for parents/guardians who are seeking admission for their wards, as it has been established to impart a complete and quality education in the true sense, not only by the way of formidably high academic standards, but also by developing all faculties intellectual, physical and spiritual.

The location of the academy is sublime and the general environment is idyllic and rejuvenating. The new academic session of this institution commences on 2nd week of April. A co-educational classes provide English medium education from Nursery to class X. Apart from providing the best of progressive and competitive education, the institution envisions the fostering of values ethical, moral and spiritual among growing children. Special emphasis would be on diligence and non dilenttantism. Career guidance, counseling and environmental studies would be given prominence. Special attention would also be given to develop and enhance the area of interest which your child is interested in. An earnest attempt would be our constant and tireless mission to develop fluency (in English) of the student studying here.


The vision of the academy is to prepare the students academically, physically, psychologically spirituallyand morally for entering any walk of developing caharacter, promoting esprit-de-crops are dedication to purpose through inculcation of patriotism and desire to serve the nation.

Our vesion encompasses the achievement of an all-round development of your child into an individual with such optimum value which make him/her a better human being and ideal citizen of the countery, keeping in view the follwing objectives have been set-

1- To prepare the students to live there lives fully and successfully by imparting them the vesion of life.
2- To instill in the students the spirit of service in all walks of life so that they become responsible citizen of the future.
3- To make the student capable of facing challenges of life efficientyl so that they could carve out their own future.
4- To organise a balanced and life-oriented school programmes by incorporating progressive techniques of learning,       theories and methodologies, so that they could learn the right values and appreciate the glory of india culture.

Principal's Desk

Ravinesh Srivastava

We feel immence pleasure and at the same time elated to start this institution that has been established to provide quality education among growing children so that they could manage their career themselves in different fields and could face the challenges in this global world. We also feel proud to have such veersatile teaching staffs who are always ready to extend their fullest co-operation and have taken an oath to make this institution reach upto its zenith.

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