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The Campus of Surya International Academy is very spacious with modern means of education and games to keep its students enlightened and energetic. The pious aim of the academy is to provide quality education to the students as per C.B.S.E. standards with N.C.E.R.T. syllabus. The school irrigates the ideology of education for all.

Kiddy's Wonderland

Kiddy's Wonderland of this institution is one more shining example of samiti's creative genius which has been designed on the most innovative lines. Schooling is fun here and the children enjoy it because of the arrangements made for them. It has an educational toy laboratory consisting of soft toys , play toys, skill development toys, educational toys, creative toys etc. Which offers psychological testing facility to its students.
Kiddy's play zone includes different types of games such as swings, slides, merry-go-round etc. for over all development of children.

Smart Class

Smart digital classes have been installed in the academy which allow the teachers to view and plan relevant digital content for their classroom sessions as per the syllabus. In this way students are given proper facilities to stand themselves in this modern e-world.


The School has a well-stocked library. Sufficient number of books, periodicals, newspapers and magazines are provided to help the students to cultivate reading habit and to become upto date in information and knowledge. Students are encouraged to borrow books to read in their spare time besides allowed library period in the school routine. Carefully chosen books on all subjects and for all levels are arranged for the students and teachers which slide them in to deep thought.


The academy has well equipped laboratory with advance means, based on the theory of "Learning by doing" to develop creative skills among the studets. There are mainly three labs of Science, Physics lab, Chemistry lab and Biology lab.

Computer Lab

Keeping in view the strides made in information technology, every effort is made to impart information technology training to the students right from class-1st onwards. The computer network of the school helps the children to gain its latest knowledge. The centre serves as an encyclopedia on multimedia too, serving up the inquisitives needs of both the students and teachers.

Fine Art And Music

Classes in vocal music, instrumental music and classical dance are arranged for artistically interested students. Besides drawing, the students are taught the techniques Awater-colour, oil painting etc, depending upon their interest and talent.

Remedial Classes

Remedial classes/Tutorials for weak students in all subjects are regularly arranged. Remedial Classes help students to gain a better understanding of a particular subject. These classes act as a 'safety valve' for struggling students allowing them to work at a more appropriate level rather than failing because they are not at the same level as the rest of the classes. These class produce positive environment for students. It encourages them to ask as many questions as necessary to understand a subject, rather than feeling pressured to learn every thing immediately.

The Staff

The school has well qualified and experienced teachers. All the teachers are specialized in their respective subjects. The gentle and affectionate approach of teachers towards the children make the learning process smooth and interesting. The school also has well-mannered non-teaching staff to help the students in their various needs.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is compulsory for all students in order to keep them fit and active. Mass Yoga is practiced during game period once in a week.


The academy has its own means of conveyance which provides facilities to the students learning from far away placing order to scatter the enlightenment to the distinct places of the district as well as to other distinct places.

Extra-Curricular Activities

There is also an arrangement of sports items for the students to keep them fit and active because a sound body consists a sound mind. There is also arrangements for cultural programme and social activities. Educational tours are also arranged for the places of historical and cultural importance.


From - NS to UKG
(i) The admission in class - Nursery, LKG and UKG is mainly based on interview.
(ii) Birth - certificate is also necessary at the time of admission.
(iii) The child to be registered must be accompanied by parents.
From - 1st to IXth
(i) The admission in class 1st to 9th is based on written test and interview as      well.
(ii) The student should bring his/her report card of last attended institution or its       zerox copy.
(iii) Transfer certificate is also required at the time of admission.

Principal's Desk

Ravinesh Srivastava

We feel immence pleasure and at the same time elated to start this institution that has been established to provide quality education among growing children so that they could manage their career themselves in different fields and could face the challenges in this global world. We also feel proud to have such veersatile teaching staffs who are always ready to extend their fullest co-operation and have taken an oath to make this institution reach upto its zenith.

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