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The future of any nation can be improvised by its well educated citizens. A child of today is the citizen of tomorrow and the base of nation�s development. A child is like wet clay, which is provided a well cultured & attractive form by a potter like teacher, with his knowledge & intelligence. It is said that construction of temple and mosque is not necessary, but a teacher prepare even a single citizen full of good qualities then he build hundreds of temples and mosques. He gets that much of graceful advantages. Life is a field of �karma�, action and education is its inspirations. The best knowledge is that which is utilize for necessities of life.

Principal's Desk

Ravinesh Srivastava

We feel immence pleasure and at the same time elated to start this institution that has been established to provide quality education among growing children so that they could manage their career themselves in different fields and could face the challenges in this global world. We also feel proud to have such veersatile teaching staffs who are always ready to extend their fullest co-operation and have taken an oath to make this institution reach upto its zenith.

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